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Our services are not limited to just engineering and construction administration.  Other services  that we provide or assist with include assistance with management, revenue, operations, leasing, grant administration, market analysis, maintenance and reporting.



We have experience on nearly every project that can be conceived for an airport.  Whether it is storm water management, obstruction analysis & removal, deicing facilities, self & bulk fuel facilities, pavement systems, wildlife management, building facilities or lighting & navaids, we can do it.



We have worked with a variety of airport clients varying from small general aviation facilities to large commercial service Part 139 airports. While our clients range in size, our level of effort remains at the highest level and is not based on revenue projections.

"Engineering A Better Way To Fly"
innovative airport engineer consultant

In a day when most businesses compose mission statements claiming that quality and customer service are important, we believe that it is a company’s behaviors that speak more than their mission statement.


With this in mind, client retention and repeat business is the truest measure of a company’s behavior and worth.  NGC’s steady growth and 100% client retention rate speaks loudly about our client’s satisfaction. 


Since NGC was founded in 1996, our focus has remained 100% on providing full-service aviation engineering and consulting services.


One of the reasons for our success is our constant effort to seek value-based solutions for common issues as well as unique challenges.  Our willingness to search for other options rather than just copying our past projects is something that differentiates us from our competition.


"The interview process with NGC was like nothing we had ever experienced.  To quote one of our board members, "It was like oxygen had walked into the room". We hired NGC in the middle of our Apron project, which they were able to bring in within budget, and with their forward thinking we have transformed our airport".

Chuck Fiedler

Board President

​Crawfordsville BOAC

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